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The Cancer Society of Finland provides rehabilitative activities in the form of orientation courses and recreational courses for cancer patients and their loved ones. Courses for cancer patients are organised by regional cancer associations and national patient organisations, either by themselves or in connection with rehabilitation course centres.

The purpose of the Cancer Society’s courses is to supplement public health care services. The Finnish Slot Machine Association funds these courses.

The aim of orientation courses is to help people with cancer and their loved ones to cope with the life changes that cancer brings about and to live the best possible life despite having cancer.

The courses involve

  • lectures by specialists
  • discussions
  • active teamwork
  • peer support
  • exercise
  • recreational activities.

Most of the orientation courses are in Finnish. Some are in Swedish.

Find out more about the courses and how to join them (in Finnish):

Orientation courses for cancer patients and their loved ones(opens in a new window)

How to apply to join the orientation courses(opens in a new window)

Recreational courses and holiday weeks for cancer patients (opens in a new window)

For more information on the courses: