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Cancer patients’ rehabilitation and reimbursements

If your illness is prolonged and there is a delay in your returning to work, you may need rehabilitation. Access to rehabilitation requires that you have a rehabilitation plan, which is needed to apply for benefits and services.

You can read more about returning to work following a prolonged spell of sick leave here.

Cancer and employment

You can also find more information from the rehabilitation instructor and/or social worker at the place where you receive treatment.

Most rehabilitation services are free of charge. There is a fee for some services, such as therapy and sessions at a rehabilitation facility.

Your illness may also involve symptoms for which you need medical rehabilitation, such as physiotherapy, speech and psychotherapy. Therapy available from the private sector is reimbursed according to The Social Insurance Institution Kela’s rate. The costs of rehabilitation sessions available at a hospital are determined according to hospital fees.

Rehabilitation (Kela)(opens in a new window)

Medical rehabilitation aids, or assistive devices, are available free of charge. The most common aids for cancer patients are wigs, breast prostheses and support sleeves. To obtain them, you will receive a payment order from the place where you receive treatment. When assistive devices need to be renewed, you can ask for a payment order from the treatment facility responsible for your treatment and follow-up. If your follow up visits have come to an end, you can obtain a payment order from your health centre.

During the time you receive rehabilitation you can apply for a rehabilitation allowance from Kela. You are eligible for this is the aim of your rehabilitation is to get employment, remain in work or return to work. The rehabilitation allowance is as a rule the same amount as income based sick pay.


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