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Cancer symptoms

Cancer has numerous symptoms. It may be asymptomatic for a long time or it may involve only very general symptoms, such as fatigue or weight loss.

Cancer symptoms usually worsen as time passes. But they can vary substantially. Many types of cancer develop slowly over years.  The spread of the disease also affects the symptoms you have.

Many cancer symptoms resemble those of other illnesses, and it may be that you don’t have any symptoms at all in the early stages of the disease. In most cases it takes years before a cancer becomes big enough to be noticed by palpation.

Cancer symptoms can include:

  • A lump or sore that does not heal (including in the mouth)
  • A mole that changes in form, size or pigmentation
  • Change or damage to the skin that has not been present before and which increases
  • Bloody vomit, stool or urine, or a cough producing blood
  • Persistent cough
  • Prolonged sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in bowel movement or urination
  • Inexplicable weight loss
  • Pain
  • Yellowing of complexion

Cancer detection and investigation

If you have a symptom that worries you contact your local health center.