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More and more people in Finland are getting cancer, but people are increasingly recovering from the disease. The All About Cancer website provides reliable and useful information, advice and peer support.

Facts about cancer

One in three people in Finland will develop cancer at some point during their lifetime. Every year, about 30 000 people are diagnosed with cancer. But two thirds of them recover from the disease. These pages contain basic information about how cancer develops, cancer research, and different cancers and their symptoms.

Treatment and rehabilitation

There are several different methods for treating cancer. Apart from cancer surgery, radiotherapy and the use of cytotoxic drugs in chemotherapy, treatments include the newer targeted drug delivery. Following treatment, patients must be ensured rehabilitation. The Cancer Society of Finland takes part in patient rehabilitation and provides a number of rehabilitation courses.

Living with cancer

Cancer is always a life-changing event. However, after the initial shock you begin to learn to live with the disease. This section on living with cancer provides information on how people with cancer and their relatives and friends can get support for coping mentally and physically, for enhancing wellbeing and facing everyday problems and relationships despite having cancer.

Advice services

The Cancer Society of Finland’s advice services are designed for everyone concerned about cancer and matters related to it. The advice services’ oncology nurses offer information and support.

Peer support and discussion

Peer support is an important part of help for cancer patients and their loved ones. In certain situations, someone who has experienced the same circumstances as you can be the best source of support when you are living with a severe illness. The Cancer Society of Finland provides varied peer support online and through its member associations.

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